At Spring Hill Bakery, we strive to be different, this means our products are unique and nothing like the local grocery store. Secondly, we are on a mission to build community and happiness locally and afar. This means we are intentional about our image, our space, our message, and most of all our product. We use simple ingredients without any additives or preservatives. We’re making real bread by hand the artisan way just like gramma. We specialize in handmade artisan breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and gourmet toast. We bake everything from scratch, using only the finest, freshest ingredients to create beautiful handmade bread in Spring Hill, TN.

Join us in building community and happiness! We are all seeking happiness and we believe loving others, sharing, and being in community is the best recipe.
We believe we are gathered here together to break bread and we ask that you join us at our table.

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SHB Retail Associate Application

Spring Hill Bakery is hiring a Retail Associate!

Do you have a heart to service? If so you may be a great fit for Spring Hill Bakery? We are now hiring a part-time retail associate to help in our bakery shop on the weekends with possible availability during the week in the near future.

We’re looking for a hard-working, dependable assistant who is excellent at customer service, enjoys talking with customers, and loves serving others. He/She must like bread! He/She must have great work ethic, willingness to learn and take direction well. He/She must be punctual and organized.


Shift 1: 7:00 AM – 12:30 PM (5.5 hrs) Saturday & Sunday Availability is a must!
Shift 2: 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM (7 hrs) Saturday & Sunday Availability is a must!



Job Duties Include:

  • Greeting & Serving customers
  • Educating customers on our various products
  • Assisting customers in selecting the right product
  • Taking orders via the phone or in-person
  • Charging customers
  • Operate cash register & credit card machine
  • Field customer questions
  • Packaging product
  • Labeling product, bags & boxes
  • Making up pastry boxes & bows
  • Re-stocking product & paper goods
  • Brewing coffee
  • Keeping shop, retail areas, restrooms, and preparation areas clean and presentable
  • Be quick, accurate and organized
  • Respect co-workers’ space and time
  • Package breads & cookies
  • Slicing breads
  • Prepare special orders to ensure customer specifications are met
  • Must be able to lift 50 lb bags of sugar, flour, or similar
  • Perform other duties as directed by a manager including washing dishes, packaging, labeling, stocking, loading and unloading supplies and product, dumping trash, sweeping and mopping floors


Your Name

Your Address

Contact Info

Are you 18 years of age or older?

Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?

How did you hear about this employment opportunity?

Why do you want to work at Spring Hill Bakery?


What shift(s) are you interested in?

When can you start and what days are you available?

Do you have the ability to lift 50 lb bag of flour or to stand on your feet for long periods of time?

Have you ever been convicted of a crime or felony charges pending against you?

If yes, please explain


What retail sales experience do you have?

What customer service experience do you have?

Have you worked in food service before?

Describe your Employment History

Can we call your previous employers?


Please provide the names of two persons, not related to you, whom you have known for at least one year.

Reference 1

Reference 2


Do you have any special training or achievements that are relevant to this position?

What do you think your references would name as your greatest strength?

What do you think your references would name as your greatest weakness?

What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in one year, five years, ten years?

Please describe an experience in which you have given or received excellent customer service.

What is your favorite type of bread?


I verify that the statements I have made in this application are true and complete. I understand that if I am hired, any false or incomplete statements in this application will be grounds for immediate discharge.

At-Will Employment
I acknowledge that if hired, I will be an at-will employee, subject to dismissal or discipline without notice or cause, at the discretion of the employer. I also understand that this means I am free to quit my employment at any time, for any reason, without reasonable notice. I understand that no representatives of the company, other than the members of Spring Hill Bakery, have authority to change the terms of the at-will relationship and that any such change can occur only in a written employment contract.

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