Baking Classes at Spring Hill Bakery

Bread lady teaches cinnamon roll class

Baking Classes at Spring Hill Bakery

Hey, friends! If you haven’t heard, we’ve begun our baking classes and they’ve been lots of fun! Those of you who have taken a class already, THANK YOU for coming! If you have registered, or even if you haven’t yet, let me give you a little break down of what’s in store.

First, YES! Everyone gets to take home the recipes for whichever class they’re taking. If that’s the cinnamon roll class, you get detailed recipes for the dough, the filling, and the cream cheese frosting. These are exactly how we made them while we were baking to sell, so they’re the real deal.

Cinnamon roll class is fun
Waiting for the oven!

Second, we walk through step by step how to make each element, including secret tricks and techniques. We discuss the science behind it all, demystify yeast-leavening, how and why the dough and ingredients act the way they do under different conditions, how to troubleshoot, and I even mess up a batch on purpose so students can learn what to look for and how to fix it (or when to know it’s time to try again. Happens to all of us at some point).

Learn to make baguettes in artisan bread class
Did you know that baguettes make a crackling sound as they cool?

Third, we take on a secret side project! Not too many details–because it’s a surprise! I can tell you, however, that you’ll leave with more knowledge than just how to make what you signed up for and it’s incredibly useful (and time-saving!) when planning parties and holidays!

Artisan Bread Dough
Learn why this bread needs time to develop flavor and gluten.

You’ll have to come to find out what comes next. I will tell you that YES, we leave time to taste test our creations! Because really, who doesn’t love a cinnamon roll hot out of the oven?! Or heck, even a baguette?

To register, you can visit our calendar of events and click on an available class. New classes will be added VERY soon! https://springhillbakery.com/classes


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