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After a lifelong love affair with baking and cooking, owner and head baker Sarah Gonzalez opened Spring Hill Bakery as a home-based business, taking orders and selling her artisan breads, cookies, and confections at farmers markets, bread stands, and local events.

Growing up, Sarah was surrounded by a family of amazing cooks and bakers who heavily influenced her passion for creating great food. Even in her earliest memories, food and quality time were the central focus of every gathering.

Since starting Spring Hill Bakery, she’s baked for the Governor’s Mansion, Scout’s Pub, Homestead Manor, and other local restaurants. She’s amassed a large local following and regularly appears in local publications like News 4 “Today in Nashville”, The Daily Herald, The Advertiser News, Spring Hill Life, Williamson Source, Spring Hill Homepage and more.

Now, after 4 1/2 years of serving her beloved community and out-of-town visitors alike, Sarah decided to step away from selling her cinnamon rolls, breads, and cookies as a storefront bakery and instead focus her efforts on teaching others how to create in the kitchen.

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