About Spring Hill Bakery

Spring Hill Bakery is an artisan bread bakery established by artisan baker Sarah Gonzalez. We specialize in handmade artisan breads and cookies. We bake everything from scratch, using only the finest, freshest ingredients to create beautiful handmade bread in Spring Hill, TN.

Our Mission

At Spring Hill Bakery, we strive to be different, this means our products are unique and nothing like the local grocery store. Secondly, we are on a mission to make bread and baked goods healthier by using simple ingredients without any additives or preservatives. We’re making real bread by hand the artisan way.

artisan baker Sarah Gonzalez

Sarah Gonzalez, a passionate artisan baker in Spring Hill, TN.

About Artisan Baker Sarah Gonzalez

As far back as she can remember, amazing meals, desserts, and breads were always the centerpiece of Sarah’s family gatherings.  Thanks to her Gramma, Sarah’s talented mom and her three equally talented sisters, she had an abundance of knowledge at her fingertips.  Every time she’d visit them, something amazing was cooking, or a creative project was underway, and they were always willing to teach.

Sarah’s love for bread grew out of a life-long love of cooking.  When she was old enough to learn, Sarah was peeling carrots, hand-crushing tomatoes for canning, making hundreds of tamales, adding and stirring in cookie ingredients, and waiting impatiently by the oven for something delicious to emerge.  Watching bread puff up and brown through the oven door is still her favorite show, “except for maybe Alton Brown’s Good Eats and I Love Lucy”, she says.

The day that Sarah’s mom brought home sourdough starter that her aunt had given her was the day that she fell in love with fresh bread.  That intoxicating fragrance filled her mother’s kitchen, and she was hooked.  That was almost 20 years ago, and today, Sarah’s adoration for baked goods is stronger than ever.

After years of experimentation, several urgings from her incredibly supportive husband and daughter, and a move across the country to gorgeous Spring Hill, Tennessee, she decided to take the leap and turn her passion for handmade bread into a small business.

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